An Apparition In Nocturnal Splendor

by Gukurahundi

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Recorded and mixed from February to March 2013

Blackened Death Metal with African roots. For fans of Dark Fortress, Goatwhore, Severe Torture, Naglfar, and Suffocation

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released April 24, 2013

Music and Lyrics written and performed by Gukurahundi

Recorded and Produced by Lawrence Nielsen
Vocals Recorded by Pete Colucci



all rights reserved


Gukurahundi California

A mix of death and black metal with a melodic groove and atmospheric landscapes. Gukurahundi brings an array of styles and genres into their music while maintaining their African roots. From bludgering blast beats to down tempo piano bridges the band brings a fresh new sound to blackened death metal. For fans of Naglfar, Behemoth, Dark Fortress, and Severe Torture ... more

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Track Name: An Apparition In Nocturnal Splendor
An Apparition In Nocturnal Splendor

Ascending from the depths of pestilence
Reeking with the stench of valiant blood
Spectral fiends oozing violent fluids
Souls of men escaping from their throats

An Apparition In Nocturnal Splendor
Without a face, drenched in eternal black
An Apparition In Nocturnal Splendor
Devoid of faith, drenched in eternal black

Timeless dead hands of haunting glory
With spoiled skin, boils of impurity
Horror soaked in angst
The withered masses grow out of control

An Apparition In Nocturnal Splendor
Without a face, drenched in eternal black
An Apparition In Nocturnal Splendor
Devoid of faith, drenched in eternal black
Drenched in eternal black

Arising realm of sin
The silence of the centuries
A cloaked figure immortal

Revolting face of the nocturnal
Shrouded draped, majesty, conquer all
An apparition in nocturnal splendor
Track Name: Dethroned
Caged in and delivered to my fate
I have descended
Torn out and diminished to a trace
Of a man

Helplessly obey the invasive patrol
Filled with mental anguish countless hours of agony ahead

The whispers hiss to me like trees
Enticing me to play

Black as pure as it stands
Deeper than the endless chasm
Submissive beauty calloused by the wind
A constant circle downward

Time offers no refunds for countless petty deeds
Stripped of all necessities, collapsing

The whispers hiss to me as ghouls
Enticing me to fall

Born of the sludge now walk among the hated
Gone is the chance to truly rise
Assault my dreams a visor of blood
Dread exposed and now marked

Submissive beauty no bottom in my sight
Sore from the (ancient) spells of paranoia
I wander further into narcoleptic dreams
Into this bloody crypt where darkness never sleeps

The wormwood medication held as tight as it could
Before the voices crept like Judas and took hold of my mind
A throne of retribution crumbles down under my feet
Hung up in (the) heavens where my hope could not survive

So much value has been lost, a stain in time until the end finds me
Or alas, I find it...

I wander deeper into myself until the end finds me
Or alas I find it...
Deeper than the endless chasm
I've been dethroned
Track Name: The Anarchist
Stretched a sickly thin unnerving whimpers be silenced
Oak spirals weaving through a dimly lit moon

Faces of man, eyes like daggers, soulless prosperity
Flesh colored felt, caresses yet cuts, sacrificial property

Caresses yet cuts, dismantling all hope
Inviting winds of chaos sweep beneath the tree line
All above bathe in the glow of the lunar display x2

A figure silhouette amongst a backdrop of stars
Celestial unlight merely enhances grotesque detail
A discharging of hordes and hideous minions
Crash down unto heathen plains of mans unbecoming
The sounds of dismay are near deafening

Faces of man, eyes like daggers, soulless prosperity
Flesh colored felt, caresses yet cuts, sacrificial property

Unspoken order attributed to the sky
A fellowship dishonored disgusted and alone
Beings setting fires to lands once adored
Abide by these cretins purity shall mold

All who were loved are mere memories now
Lore of the past fogged by the present onslaught
Dream deeper into the subconscious void
Ascend the oaken spirals take shelter above.
Track Name: The Carcass Of Christ
Raining down fear!
Spreading death upon the land!

A vicious disease, doomed
Your body, the body of one.
In constant pain, distort
Reaching for your life line

I've plagued my own family
I pray for every second chance

The carcass of you, diseased expels your sin
I've sinned, the origin of life
A codependency to the evil in me

The demon in charge, from the bottom of my soul
Unholy, days grow so cold
Blood is what you bleed, its what you get
Bloodlines fold into waste

Raining down and buried in dirt
Of chaos and pain, frown in the condition of light
Your crown just the same
No honor in death
You've been just a pawn since the day you appeared

Shadows my liege, combine hordes.
Collapse empires. Breach. Flood.

Imitating my verse, the pages you read
Sulphuric in ink so they burn against the soul.
The lies lash you with a tongue of black
It always ends up deaf to invading lies
You seek forgiveness of sin

Believe your lies as a waste of time
You're bathing in time
A cursed existence forever to end your life
To end your life, lifeless.

Lands of the lords have been taken away
And my symbol of death and of pain has been left in place
Alone and true never to be overturned
Regaining to prosper, atoned and catharsis

Ungodly events continue to fester
Roads for the taking, elite falling slumber
The symbol is proof, retaining the lies
So many dream of mating with doom

Addiction.. exorcise..
And I feel nothing...